Servise and maintenance

Technical maintenance center is a special subdivision of JSC “Metrology and automation” company. It carries out crude oil, tank oil metering stations current and commercial control, flare gas metering systems and field automation technical and metrological support.

The main task of the technical maintenance center is to keep working capacity and trouble-free exploitation of supporting metering systems and measuring systems and all included separate measuring systems with fractional accuracy.

All works are done in accordance with maintenance regulations and schedules due to requirements MI 3081-2007: “Oil, oil products and liquid hydrocarbon custody transfer metering systems. Maintenance and repair. Basic positions”.

Technical maintenance center is provided with the necessary technical facilities and experienced personnel. It guarantees qualified work in both planned measures and emergency elimination.

Mobile calibration modules:

  1. “Sapphire M”-300-6,3, metering range from 30 to 300 cubic meters per hour.
  2. “PUMA” — is based on mass flowmeters of elite series, metering range from 4 to 4.000 tons per hour.

The specialists of the center take special trainings and planned advanced trainings at processing equipment and instruments producers’ factories.