Repairing and calibration

JSC “Metrology and automation” make measuring instruments repairing and calibration:

  • Liquid meters of all types;
  • Volume and mass flow transmitters;
  • Gas flow meter;
  • Level transmitters;
  • Oil water content measurers;
  • Portable calibration units.

Calibration work is performed in own metrological centre that responds to “Requirements for calibration works” and documented by accreditation certificate on calibration works (State Standard № 016013).

Metrological center includes reference calibration units:

  1. Calibration metering unit “KALIBR-M”

    Calibration metering unit “KALIBR-M” is included in Instruments State Register, № 34687–07.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Operating environment: water.
    • Metering range: 0,5–400 cubic meters per hour.
    • Diameter of the instruments to be calibrated: 15–300 mm.
    • Measuring instruments’ type: all types of flowmeters.

    Metrological characteristics:

    Fluid flow measuring maximum permissible error limits:

    • ±0,05% using standard metering unit;
    • ±0,15% using standard flow transducer.

    Flow mass measuring maximum permissible error limit:

    • ±0,08% using standard metering unit and density transducer;
    • ±0,18% using standard flow transducer and density transducer.
  2. Oil moisture meter calibration unit UPV-1

    It is used for making control assay and oil in-flow moisture meters graduation and calibration.


    Water content measuring error:

    • Moisture content diapason 0,2–60%: ±0,025%;
    • Moisture content diapason 10–60%: ±0,3%.
  3. Gas flow rate measuring instrument calibration unit UPSG 200

    It is included in Instruments State Register, № 26062-03.


    • Nominal pipeline diameter: up to 200 mm;
    • Flow speed limit:
      • subrange 1 — from 0,3 to 3,0 meters per second;
      • subrange 2 — from 3,0 to 30,0 meters per second;
    • Basic percentage error limit: ±1,0%.
  4. Level meter calibration unit

    Types of verifiable level meters:

    • Radar level meter;
    • Acoustic level meter;
    • Buoy level meter;
    • Reed frequency level meter;
    • Buoyant-element level meter;
    • Conductance-measuring level meter.

    Reproducible levels:

    • Down to 3.5 m for the immersion level meters;
    • Down to 20 m for the reflecting level meters.

    Level meters verification is carried out in exploitation area.

  5. Gas flowmeters measuring instrument UPSRG-1800

    It is used for flowmeters and gas meters trials, graduation, calibration and verification.


    • Operating environment: air.
    • Environment temperature: +20 (±5) Celsius degrees.
    • Air-flow rate measuring maximum permissible error limits: not more ±0,3%.
    • Air-flow range: from 5 to 1800 cubic meters per hour (It can be changed by agreement with the customer).

Metrological laboratory makes repairing and calibration (verification) of the following measuring instruments types:

  • Manometers and vacuum pressure gages;
  • Pressure transducers;
  • Data processing units for oil and oil products metering systems;
  • Secondary instruments;
  • Transmitters and technologic controllers;
  • Heat and flow evaluators.

The laboratory is equipped with modern mobile metrological equipment, that helps making repairing and calibration works in exploitation area.

The works are carried out in accordance with License for measuring instruments repairing and production (№ 005208-IR).