Procedure of measurements

JSC “Metrology and Automation” disposes all necessary rights, opportunities and experience for liquid and gas hydrocarbon measurement complex solutions, including crude and tank oil and associated petroleum gas.

Scope of work performed:

  • Customer’s facility survey;
  • Measuring system project development;
  • Project documentation metrological testing;
  • Measuring technique development and certification;
  • Measuring system procurement and production;
  • Metering device calibration and verification in own metrological service;
  • Measuring system maintenance at Customer’s facilities;
  • Certification of measuring technique of petroleum gas and liquid hydrocarbon flowrate, volume and mass metering by dynamic method;
  • Project, engineering, technological and another documentation metrological testing (in oil-refining, oil, petrochemical and gas industry).

These activity types are performed in accordance with accreditation certificate (Registration number № 01.00315–2011 dated 02.07.2011) that ensures the unity of measurements issued by Federal Agency for Technique Regulation and Metrology.

Metrological testing of engineering documentation guarantees optimal measuring instruments selection with specified accuracy and cost for particular tasks realization.

Measuring systems metrological characteristics estimation with account of metering instruments complementary errors in actual-use environment are made with the special unit “Flowmeter ISO” application.

JSC “Metrology and Automation” gathered measuring techniques development experience:

  • of crude and tank oil using dynamic and static methods;
  • of associated petroleum gas using dynamic methods.

Our metrological service is equipped with necessary measurement standards and calibration units, normative and technical documentation and staffed with trained experienced personnel.

Measuring instruments calibration and verification is held by skilful specialists both in special laboratory and in exploitation areas.

Accreditation certification on calibration works (State Standard № 016013), accreditation certification on verification works (№ 1554).