Non-Destructing Inspection

JCS “Metrology and automation” provides services on Non-Destructing Inspection of equipment and materials in production, mounting, repairing works (reconstruction) of industrial objects and community facilities.

Applied methods of diagnostic control:

  1. Radiation control (radiographic).
  2. Ultrasonic:
    • ultrasonic flaw inspection;
    • ultrasonic thickness measurements.
  3. Penetrant.
  4. Visual and measurement control.

Non-Destructive OBJECTS (EQUIPMENT) Inspection:

  1. Boiler facilities inspection:
    • Steam and hot water boilers;
    • Vessels working under the pressure more than 0.07 MPa;
    • Steam and hot water pipeline with working steam pressure 0.07 MPa and temperature more than 115 °С.
  2. Gas supply systems:
    • External steel gas pipelines;
    • Internal steel gas pipelines.
  3. Oil and gas industry equipment:
    • Drilling equipment;
    • Borehole operation equipment;
    • well development and maintenance equipment;
    • Gas and oil Pump Stations equipment;
    • oil-gas-products pipeline;
    • Oil and mineral oil/petroleum products Tanks.
  4. Fire and explosion dangerous and chemically dangerous production equipment:
    • Chemical, petrochemical and oil refining production;
    • Tanks for explosive and toxic materials storage;
    • Furnace, energy-technologic boils and waste-heat boilers;
    • Industrial pipelines, steam and hot water pipelines.

Industrial Safety Expertise

Our company carries out Industrial Safety Expertise for technological devices applied at hazardous production facilities.