Heat treat

JSC “Metrology and Automation” makes weld joints heat treat.

Heat treat is a labour-intensive process, but quality welding joints can’t be done without it. Thumping damages in future can be brought by welding joints’ defects that are caused not only by faulty welding procedure, but also by welding fire pretreatment absence.

The guarantee of the reliable heat treat is a pipeline operating period during its all lifetime, including high-pressure pipelining. High-grade heat treat guarantees cracking prevention.

Welded items’ mechanical stability can be deficient without welding joints normalization. Welded joint can be cracked without annealing or high-temperature tempering. Such carelessness can bring severe consequences.

JSC “Metrology and Automation” makes high quality weld joints heat treat using modern mobile equipment — unit RT 70-6 with the help of highly experienced personnel.