Energy audit

JSC “Metrology and Automation” perform energy audit works in accordance with “Rational energy use” system.

Energy audit purpose:

  • Energy use actual condition estimation;
  • Cause identification occurrence fuel-and-energy resources losses value estimation;
  • Work plan development on fuel-and-energy resources losses improvement.

Scope of work performed:

  • Express-audit;
  • Complete instrumental survey;
  • Complex survey;
  • Operating process survey.

Main activity types:

  • Buildings and facilities energy audit;
  • Power supply systems energy audit;
  • Heat supply systems energy audit.

Buildings and facilities thermovisor survey:

  1. Building envelope defects scanning using thermovisor

    Thermovisor survey — is one of the main methods of building envelopes real condition information acquisition.

  2. Cottage and dwelling thermovisor survey

    Because of its efficiency, visualization and reliability, building structures thermovisor survey approved itself as one of the main building envelopes diagnostic methods at the end of construction, redevelopment and operating cycle.

  3. Electric equipment thermovisor survey and control

    Infrared diagnostics — is the most advanced and powerfull tendency of electric equipment, that has the advantages in comparison with the traditional survey methods.

After these works the Customer receives:

  • Energy survey technical report;
  • Fuel-and-energy usage efficiency improvement energy supply cost improvement recommendations;
  • Energy performance certificate.