Electrical measurement laboratory

The following tests and measuring are proceeded (up-to 1 000 V):

  1. Ground grids:
    • Ground grids elements inspection (control);
    • Inspection of earthing line;
    • «zero-phase» line inspection in up-to 1 kV electrical units with TN system;
    • Grounding elements resistance measuring;
    • Touch voltage measuring.
  2. Electrical equipment, secondary circuits and wiring with the voltage up-to 1 kV:
    • Resistance measuring;
    • Commercial frequency high voltage testing;
    • Cable consistency and cords phasing checking.

License for activity in ionizing radiation emitters’ usage № 63.СЦ.06.002.Л000065.07.08
Non-Destructing Inspection laboratory certification № 86А530005
Rostekhnadzor permission № 75 dated 11.07.2007.