Separation systems

JSC “Metrology and Automation” represents special subdivision FMC Separation Systems products and services on the basis of Contract with FMC Technologies.

Relying on mathematical model development our specialists can offer optimal solution to improve separating equipment efficiency:

  • Devices technical characteristics optimization by means of inner elements assembling, engineered and manufactured for specific process;
  • High-efficiency cyclone separators of CDS-Gasunie type with minimum resistance to gas stream;
  • Piping separation — compact devices (generally of centrifugal mode) assemble in pipeline directly and have high degree refining.

These devices are used for:

  • Effective oil refining from gas;
  • Effective gas refining from oil;
  • Effective liquid separation from gas flow (InLine DeLiquidiser);
  • Effective gas separation from liquid flow (InLine DeGasser);
  • Gas-liquid flow phase separation (InLine PhaseSplitter);
  • Liquid hydrocarbon separation from water (InLine DeWaterer);
  • Mechanical impurities separation (InLine DeSanDer).

All the tasks are completed with FMC specialists and “Metrology and Automation” technicians and design engineers close interaction. The work starts with task description and Datasheet filling (see attachment).

JSC “Metrology and Automation” is FMC Technologies official representative. Our company handle requests, survey facilities, execute equipment assembly and supply and supervising installation.