JCS “Metrology and automation” produce mobile calibration modules (in conformity with own engineering documentation) based on mass flowmeters. TU 4213-001-40947531-2004.


The mobile calibration module is used for flowmeters, mass flowmeters and volume flowmeters calibration and verification, included in commercial and current oil metering stations.


  • calibration result processing;
  • activity log printing;
  • registration log maintenance.

The main technical characteristics:

  • operating environment: water, oil, oil products;
  • operating environment temperature: from +5 °C to +60 °C;
  • flow rate measurement range: from 4 to 4.000 tons per hour;
  • flow measuring maximum permissible error limits:
    • volume flow (not more than) ±0,15%;
    • mass flow (not more than) ±0,11%.

Calibration units based on mass flowmeters are recommended for flow transmitters calibration in worksite (water-in-oil content is more than 5%).

“PUMA” is registered in Instruments State register (№ 28125-04).