Hydrocarbon volume automated measuring system

JCS “Metrology and automation” design and produce liquefied hydrocarbon volume automated measuring systems for tank-truck loading.

System functions:

  • liquefied hydrocarbon volume automated measurement for tank-truck loading;
  • commercial control for shipped liquefied hydrocarbon volume;
  • running current control;
  • running contingency signalizing;
  • control information operation and transmission;
  • customer registration log keeping;
  • loading log forming, periodical reports (on shift, twenty four hour, decade, month, year) in hard copy.

Technical specification:

  • releasing liquefied hydrocarbon maximum dose: 999,9 m³;
  • releasing liquefied hydrocarbon minimum dose: 5 m³;
  • running discretisation: 1 dm³;
  • mass measuring maximum permissible error: 0,35%.

Liquefied hydrocarbon volume automated measuring system is registered in Instruments State register (№ 32035-06). Invention patent № 59241.