Heating energy demand control and adjustment system

JSC «Metrology and automation» has a long-term experience in heating energy demand control and adjustment system constructing — more than 1000 objects were designed and put into operation.

Scope of works performed:

  • Survey;
  • Design;
  • Materials and equipment furnishing;
  • Assembling and start-up.

Heat-transfer material characteristics automated control system based on controllers allows water temperature modifying in heating system depending on weather conditions, daily and weekly operating regime, heat storage capacity of frame filling and keeping predetermined outlet water pressure.

Measured environments:

  • Steam;
  • Cogeneration water;
  • Natural and technical gases.

Pipelines diameters: from 10 up to 1600 mm.

Service includes:

  • Technical conditions regular control;
  • Current and urgent instruments repair;
  • Instruments metrological calibration.

The works are held both in exploitation areas and in special instruments repair and calibration laboratory using specific testing equipment and metering unit.

All heating energy demand control systems are completed with certificated facilities and metrologically approved measuring instruments.