Gas volume automated measuring system

JSC “Metrology and automation” design and produce gas volume measuring systems for associated petroleum gas automated measurement in accordance with normative documents requirements (the Russian State Standard 8.615-2005).

Typo gas volume measuring system consists of measuring and computing complex and measurement module, which includes:

  • Industrial pipelines;
  • Flow, pressure, gas temperature transducers;
  • Thermometer and manometer.

Gas volume measuring system provides:

  • Pressure and temperature measuring;
  • Flow metering;
  • Current and accumulated value, measured and figured out characteristics indication;
  • Characteristics map, daily quantity value and daily average value of measured characteristics backup and printing.

Gas compositional analysis and advanced parameters can be set in calculating device from the computer.

Only over last 6 years JSC “Metrology and automation” designed, produced and put into service more than 300 flare gas metering systems, that is contribution of our company to the Russian Federation Government program “Stimulating measures on reduction of atmosphere air pollution with products of associated flare gas burning at flare facilities”.