Crude Oil Custody Transfer Metering System

JCS “Metrology and automation” design and produce crude and tank oil custody transfer metering systems for current and commercial control in accordance with normative documents:

  • Russian Federation national standard (GOST R 8.615-2005);
  • Recommendations on oil mass weighing control with oil custody transfer metering systems;
  • Metrological and operational requirements for oil custody transfer metering system design (MI 2825-2003).

Functionally oil custody transfer metering system provides:

  • Automated oil measuring in units of mass and volume, manual and mechanical oil sampling, automated measurement of oil density, oil viscosity, water content, pressure and temperature.
  • Flow transmitters verification in calibration module.
  • Data collection and log maintenance.
  • Information transmission into corporative network.

Oil custody transfer metering system set is determined by requirements specification and working normative documents.

All equipment and instruments are provided with Gosstandart (State Standard) certificates of conformity, Rostekhnadzor certificates.