Self-regulating organization “Samara constructors’ guild” license №0060.3-2009-6330013048-С-29 dated 16.11.2011

Accreditation certificate on instruments calibration №1554 dated 30.12.2010, valid through 01.01.2015

Accreditation certificate on instruments verification, Register №016013 dated 15.06.2011, valid through 15.06.2015

License to carry out activities in measuring instruments production and maintenance №005208ИР dated 31.12.2008, valid through 31.12.2013

Certificate on conformity assessment of organizational-technical availability of the enterprise №ИО-00006-00225 dated 20.03.2012, valid through 20.03.2015

Self-regulating organization “Samara Region energy auditors and energy-service companies association’ license №0060.3-2009-6330013048-C-29 dated 16.11.2011 – energy inspection of facilities’ production, transportation, storage and energy resources...

Self-regulating organization GC “PROMSTROYPROJECT” license №P1-48-0114 dated 23.12.2010 - work authorization for engineering documentation that influences construction safety facilities

Non-destructing inspection laboratory certification №86А530032 dated 12.01.2012, valid through 12.01.2015

License for activity in ionizing radiation emitters’ usage №63.СЦ.06.002.Л.000065.07.08 dated 14/07/2008, valid through 14.07.2013

License №2/20359 dated 09.07.2007, valid through 09.07.2012 to carry out works on assemblage, repair and maintenance of building and constructions’ fire safety utilities

Assurance of uniformity of measurements certificate №01.00315-2001 dated 02.07.2011, valid through 01.07.2016

Industrial safety expert review license №ДЭ-00-012987 dated 26.08.2011, valid through 26.08.2016

License on fire control activity (design works on building and constructions’ fire safety utilities) №1/12518 dated 28.11.2007, valid through 28.11.2012

Certificate of Conformity №ОС СМК-0002-0005б, valid through 24.06.2012